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SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone Review – A Cellphone For When Disaster Strikes

A phone is essential is you wish to stay in contact with everyone else. If you're unable to communicate, you're pretty much on your own and should not expect assistance from other people. That's a problem in an emergency situation when something happens and you need help.

For instance, you could have a blown tire and you need to make a phone call. You reach out for your regular smartphone, but find out that you've run out of battery. There are many other examples where a regular phone may not be sufficient.

Why you need an emergency cellphone

Now there are many cellphones and smartphones that you can use to make phone calls. The problem is that most of them rely on rechargeable batteries that will lose their charge over time. It doesn't matter if you don't use your cellphone. The battery will drain by itself and will need to be recharged in a few days or weeks depending on the model.

That's where a cellphone like the GSM Emergency Phone from SpareOne comes in. This phone is specifically designed to be the cellphone that you can rely on when you need a phone the most. So how is the phone like, you ask? Continue reading this article to find out more.

What the SpareOne GSM Emergency Phone can and cannot do

First of all, the SpareOne is not to be used like a regular cellphone. It's not be used all the time on a regular basis to stay in contact with other people. Instead, it's to be left unused for most of the time in order to be available for use on a special occasion or emergency.

The phone itself is very simple and only includes the most basic function for making a phone call. It's not like a smartphone with tons of functionality. That helps keep the phone small and light, but you shouldn't expect to do a ton of things with it.

It would have been nice if the phone had a more rugged design, but that probably would have raised the cost and it's not strictly necessary. There's also no display screen like on most mobile phones, but it's also not absolutely necessary if all you need to do is make a phone call.

To call another person, you need to install a sim card. The phone is unlocked, which means that sim cards from all carriers can be used. Note that in the United States, you can make an emergency call to 911 without having a sim card installed.

The phone only needs a single AA battery to work and comes with one AA lithium battery, which can be stored for years. Alkaline batteries that are available everywhere can also be used, but those don't last as long.

This allows you to store the phone and battery for years with minimal care. You can basically leave the phone alone for when you need it and you don't need to look after it. By comparison, regular cellphones would need to be recharged on a regular basic.

You do need to be within range of a cell tower in order to receive a signal like all other cellphones. If you're out in the remote, you may not be able to use the phone. If you want a phone that can truly be used in every spot of the world, you need to look for a satellite phone.

The phone also only supports the 850 and 1900 frequency bands, 900 and 1800 MHz are supported in a different model. It's not a big problem in the United States, but it is outside the country where it may not be able to receive a signal. It would have been better if the phone had been a quad-band worldphone.

Final evaluation of the pros and cons of the SpareOne GSM Emergency Mobile Phone

The SpareOne does what it's supposed to do. In my opinion, it's a good choice if you're looking for a cellphone that only needs to be available only during an emergency. You can store it somewhere, such as in a locker, drawer, glove box, etc., and without having to worry or take care of it.

The phone shouldn't be used on a regular basis. You should save it for when you truly need a phone to contact someone. Just store it somewhere safe where it won't get damaged with a couple of AA batteries. If or when the time comes you need that phone call, it will be there for you.

The phone is relatively affordable at around $40 to $60, although a bit on the expensive side for such a basic phone. On the other hand, a phone with the ability that the SpareOne offers could one day save your or someone else's life. From that standpoint, the price is not that much and may very well be well worth it. Heck, you may thank yourself for having the foresight to keep an emergency phone around at all times.

  • Can be stored for a long time without care
  • Works in hot and cold weather
  • Works with AA batteries
  • Unlocked
  • Design is functional, but not rugged
  • Requires you to be in the vicinity of a cell tower for a signal
  • No support for quad-band
  • Somewhat expensive

SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone
Reviewed by Gadget Revue on December 18 2014
Rating: 3

SpareOne Plus Emergency Phone specifications

Name Emergency Phone
Brand SpareOne
Type Cellphone
Style Bar
Color Red/white
Size (H x W x D) 5.7 x 2 x 0.75 in
Weight 0.15 lbs
2G GSM 850/1900 or 900/1800 MHz
Screen type None
Battery Alkaline or Lithium AA
Extras Waterproof bag
- -

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