Thursday, December 12, 2013

What Can a Smartphone Do for You?

As many people will have already noticed, smartphones are quickly gaining popularity and becoming more common. In response, every manufacturer is introducing a growing array of smartphone models. Each new model offers improvements compared to the previous model.

In fact, more and more people are ditching their old feature phones and replacing them with a smartphone. Smartphones have become so popular that sales of smartphones are projected to surpass those of feature phones in the near future. But what is causing this shift towards smartphones? Why do so many people want a smartphone?

What's the Difference Between a Feature Phone and a Smartphone?

Feature phones are traditional cell phones that people use to make and receive phone calls. Smartphones are the next evolution of cell phones with additional capabilities. These include the ability to browse the web in full HTML and install small software applications or apps.

Compared to feature phones, smartphones offer so much more functionality. Smartphones can function as a watch, camera, camcorder, GPS device, music player, video player and much more. It is this versatility that defines a smartphone.

A good way to look at smartphones is that they are in essence small computers with the ability to make phone calls. They are similarly equipped in having a central processor, a graphics coprocessor, memory, storage and so on.

Their configuration sheet reads similar to those of computers. While feature phones were often equipped with small and monochrome screens, smartphones are fitted with large and colorful screens. The resolution rivals those you find on standard computer monitors.

The ability to install and remove apps to enable specific functionality is what used to set computers apart. This is no longer the case with smartphones having this ability also. Smartphones should therefore not be seen as just another cell phone, but as a completely new device that stands on its own.

Smartphones are More Convenient to the Public

This ability to handle so many tasks is what draws people to smartphones. No longer do people have to carry several devices with them. All that is required is one single smartphone. This is not only more convenient and practical, it also helps the consumer save money by buying fewer devices.

Unlike feature phones that are used primarily for making phone calls, smartphones are used primarily for things other than making phone calls. Whether it is browsing the internet, listening to music or something else, smartphones can do so many things for you. Smartphones are thus used accordingly.

Imagine being able to carry one device that can do just about anything you need to do. That is the smart phone. With it, you don't need much else. It's no wonder people are finding out and moving towards having their own smartphone.

However, smartphones are not omnipotent. A smartphone cannot replace a high-end camera or video camcorder because it cannot match their superior output. People will still carry luxury watches with them. But for mainstream use, smartphones have taken over.

The impact of smartphones can clearly be seen. Some devices, including the traditional watch, have become rare with the introduction of smartphones. Others, such as simple cameras and music players, have seen their sales plummet in favor of smartphones. Even regular computers have been affected by smartphones.

Furthermore, smartphones continue to evolve rapidly. New features are planned for smartphones, including the ability to make payments. You will no longer need to carry a credit card with you. As long as you have your smartphone, you can buy something online or in a regular store.

Smartphones are Set to Become an Integral Part of Future Life

In just a few short years, smartphones have risen to the top of the wish list for many people. Not only for their ability to communicate with other people, but also for the additional functionality that they already offer and will offer in the future.

Therefore, the future looks set with the smartphone becoming the must have mobile device. By combining various devices into one, smartphones are the one companion you can't do without. The smartphone is here to stay.

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